Stegoband Classic Masking Tape




A specific masking tape designed to mask glued windshields, windshield and window rubbers and gaps between car parts.

Stegoband Classic Masking Tape for masking windshields, rubbers and gaps.

These special masking tape range is specifically developed for professional masking jobs in hard-to-reach places like glued or rubber-mounted windscreens or gaps between car parts. You do not need to disassemble windscreens for proper masking, it is a time saving solution.

The benefits of Colad Stegoband Classic Masking Tape

  • Masking Tape for hard to reach places
  • Mask windshields, rubbers and gaps with this tape
  • Reinforced side to apply tape in between edges
  • Protective paper liner on the adhesive part
  • Easy removable, leaves no residu

The technical features of Colad Stegoband Classic Masking Tape

  • 18 mm width version for covering windshield and window rubbers
  • 9 mm width version for covering glued windshields
  • Color: White
  • Temperature resistance max. 110°C for 60 minutes Variant
906012 18 mm x 10 m
906013 9 mm x 10 m

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