Aqua Dynamic Masking Tape




Masking tape with high temperature resistance, for waterbased paint systems, waterproof green paper, minimum chance on residu, for professional use, with good adhesion and clean edges.

A high quality masking tape for the professional user, suitable for high demanding situations

Colad Aqua Dynamic Masking tape with high temperature resistance to minimize the chance of residue. This tape is especially designed for the professional user and perfectly suitable where waterborne (or 2K) systems are used.

Benefits of Aqua Dynamic Masking Tape

  • For water-based paint systems
  • Up to 130 degrees temperature resistance for 1 hour!
  • Sharp and clean edge for precise sticking and easy application
  • Excellent adhesion both to rubber and metal
  • Tape can be removed easily and without residue

Technical features of Aqua Dynamic Masking Tape

  • Rubber solvent based adhesion
  • Absolute free of sillicons
  • Saturated waterproof green crepe paper
  • 130 micron thickness (95 micron backing only)
  • 100 g/m2 weight – 61g/m2 backing weight – 39 g/m2 adhesive weight
  • 8% elongation
  • 60 minutes temperature resistance at 130 °C
  • 87,5 N / 25 mm2 tensile strength MD
  • 4.8 N / 25mm2 adhesion to steel
  • 50 meter roll length
Art.no. Variant
900419 19 mm x 50 m
900425 25 mm x 50 m
900438 38 mm x 50 m
900450 50 mm x 50 m

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