Ultimate Masking Film




Translucent blue masking film with paint adhesion, ‘breathing’ capabilities and moist absorption. Ready to use on a humid object, prevents ‘ghost stains’.

Translucent, blue masking film for quick and efficient masking.

This Masking Film is ideal for quick and efficient covering of a vehicle and protecta it against overspray, dirt and dust. Colad Breathable and Moist absorbing Spraymask with paint adhesion - primer and/or paint adheres permanently to the film. This film is supplied with micro holes which gives the spraymask "breathing’’ capabilities and because of the use of a calcium layer additional moist absorption is provided. Moist will evaporate from below the foil after application. Therefore this film is ready to use on a humid object and prevents “Ghost stains”. This film has static properties, is easy to cut with a Colad Foil Knife and can be used with infrared drying (max. 120°C). By using the Colad Foil Dispenser covering can be done by one person.

The benefits of Colad Ultimate Masking Film

  • Breathing capacity which allows moist underneath the foil  to evaporate. This prevents ‘ghost stains’ and saves you polishing afterwards.
  • Special ‘ingredient’ that allows moist-absorption, in addition to breathing capabilities.
  • Static properties that help to ensure the film clings to the surface.
  • Can be used with infrared drying (max 120°C).
  • In a box with dispenser functionality.   

The technical features of Colad Ultimate Masking Film

  • Film on a roll
  • Material: HDPE, with calcium addition
  • Color: Transparent blue
  • Film thickness: 12 micron
  • Film size: 4 m x 150 m(6375) and 6 m x 100m(6375-6)
  • Properties: Static with paint adhesion
  • Packaging: Per roll in a carton
  • Carton can be used as dispenser   

Art.no. Variant
6375 4 m x 150 m
6375-6 6 m x 100 m

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