Premium Masking Film




Translucent masking film, with paint adhesion, quick and efficient masking, protect again overspray, dust and dirt.

Premium Masking Film is the ideal Masking Film for all your masking jobs

This Masking Film is ideal for quick and efficient covering of a vehicle and protects it against overspray, dirt and dust. Colad Premium Masking Film with paint adhesion - primer and/or paint adheres permanently to the film. This film has static properties, is easy to cut with a Colad Foil Knife and can be used with infrared drying (max. 120°C). By using the Colad Foil Dispenser covering can be done by one person. 

The benefits of the Premium Masking Film

  • Paint adhesion. With help of a special surface treatment paint adheres to the foil without possibilities of contaminating the surface
  • Static properties, clings to the object surface and makes it easier to cut
  • Can be used with infrared drying (max. 120°C).

The technical features of the Premium Masking Film

  • Material: HD-PE
  • Color: Translucent
  • Film size: 4 m x 300 m (6365), 4 m x 150 m (6365150), 4.8 m x 250 m (6365-48x250) and 4 x 200 m (6365200)
  • Roll width: 1 m
  • Temperature resistance: 120°C
  • Solubility in water: Insoluble
  • Properties: Static and paint adhesion
Art.no. Variant
6365 4 m x 300 m
6365-48X250 4.8 m x 250 m
6365150 4 m x 150 m
6365200 4 m x 200 m

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