Masking Film




Masking Film for car repair, 200/300 m. on a roll, green transparent, static masking film

Professional Masking Film designed for quick and efficient masking in the car body shop

Colad Masking Films are designed for use in car body shops. This Masking Film is ideal for quick and efficient covering of a vehicle and protect it against overspray, dirt and dust. Colad Masking Film is a green translucent film without paint adhesion.

This film has static properties and is easy to cut with our Magnetic Foil Knife or Electric Foil Cutter. Colad Masking Film is suitable for use in zones with explosion danger, also in spray booth. By using the Colad Mobile Foil Dispenser covering can be done by one person. Colad Masking Film is environmentally friendly and can be recycled or safely incinerated.

The benefits of Colad Masking Film

  • Designed for use in car body shops
  • Quick and efficient masking solution
  • Protects against overspray, dirt and dust
  • Green translucent film without paint adhesion
  • Static properties
  • Easy to cut
  • Suitable for use in zones with explosion danger s.a. spray booths
  • Environmentally friendly

The technical features of Colad Masking Film

  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Color: Green Transparent
  • Size: 3,8 m x 200 m and 3,8 m x 300 m
  • Roll width: 95 cm
  • Temperature resistance: Up to 120°C
  • Decomposition temperature: > 300°C
  • Solubility in water: Insoluble
  • Relative density: 910 – 990 kg/m3
  • Auto ignition temperature: > 350°C
  • Properties: Static – Film clings to the surface
  • Silicon free
  • Per roll in a carton box
  • Carton box can be used as dispenser   
Art.no. Variant
6340 3.8 m x 200 m
6340300 3.8 m x 300 m

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