Energy Box EB Matic 400 V Ceiling mount



Add an Energy Box to your HCV installation and you have maximum working flexibility in daily operations.

All functions combined in one unique central Hamach HCV device! Control the HCV machine, operate sanding machines/spray guns/air flow pistol/insert other machines in the electric connection and/or hang machines and hoses. The Hamach Energy Box is one central spot for compressed air, vacuum and electricity!

Energy Box features:
• dust extraction connection for 2 sanding machines, in one double switch
• electric power connection
• compressed air connection with safety coupling
• hose bracket
• bracket for hanging sanding machines
• on/off switch for the HCV motor
• handle.

Technical specification EB Matic 400 V:
- 400 V
- automatic start/stop pneumatic
- 2 electric power sockets
- 3 compressed air sockets (6 bar)
- 1 hose bracket
- 1 machine bracket
- 1 handle

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