Color: blue, lens center tichkness of 2.5 mm, weight 26 gr. Per piece in a plastic bag. 

Colad safety goggles are designed to protect the users eyes

Protect the users eyes against impact of high speed particles with low energy. Clear lens for optimal vision, and long lasting comfort. Suitable for continues use. Adjustable legs, for the perfect fit. 

Benefits of Safety Goggles

  • Adjustable ear-springs for optimum comfortSuitable for continues use 
  • Adjustable legs, for the perfect fit 
  • Clear lens for optimal vision 

Technical features of Safety Goggles

  • Frame: Material: Nylon, silicone pads, stainless steel screws, Adjustable ear-springs for optimum comfort 
    Code: CE SGI 166F, Color blue 
  • Lens: Polycarbonate, Transparent, Lens center thickness of 2.5 mm, UV380 
  • General: Weight 26 gram 

Protections levels of Safety Goggles

  • Frame: CE SGI 166 F 
  • Lens: CE 2C-1.2 SGI 1F 
  • Optical class: 1 (suitable for continues use) 
  • Mechanical strength: F (impact protection against particles with high speed and low energy – 
  • 45 m/s) 
  • UV protection: UV380 by EN 170:2002 (filters >95% of UV with a wave length up to 380 nm) 

Certifications of Safety Goggles

  • In accordance with the European directive 2016/425/EU (personal protective equipment) CAT II (personal protective equipment against intermediate risks). By following the European Harmonized norm EN 166:2001 (eye protection). Notified Body 0196 (DIN Certco). 


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