Caulking Gun pneumatic



Dimensions: 395 x 220 mm, air consumption: 2.737 lb

Compressed pneumatic air gun

Multi usable 1-component (1K) gun. With a delivery regulator and spray pressure regulator (max. 6 bar). Compatible with Nozzle Flat and Nozzles 1.5, 2 and 3 mm. Suitable for standard cartridges of 290 and 310 ml and sausages of 400 ml. 

Benefits of Caulking Pneumatic Gun

  • Suitable for standard cartridges and sausages
  • Accurate and even placement of sealers
  • Suited for several kinds of nozzles to reach the required results
  • Comes with a product delivery regulator and a spray pressure regulator (max. 6 bar)

Technical features of Caulking Pneumatic Gun

  • Operational pressure: 6 bar 
  • Air consumption: 7.8 cfm 
  • Weight: 2.737 lb 
  • Max. pressure: 10 bar 
  • Max. noise level: 70 dBA 
  • Dimensions: 395 x 220 mm 
  • Packing unit: Per unit in a box 

Content of Caulking Pneumatic Gun

  • Compressed air gun
  • Nylon pistol for sprayable products in a bag
  • Adapate for bags
  • Adapter for applying specific products for rigdes and sealing adhesives
  • External nozzle for deburred spraying 
  • Ø 2 blue 
  • External nozzle for clean spraying Ø 1.5 red 
  • Internal nozzle for screwing onto the cartridge 

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