Itas bodyshop training centre equipped with HCV

Professionals worldwide choose the quality and safety of Hamach Central Vacuum, and so did ITAS (UK).

ITAS provides bodyshop approval programmes, world-class bodyshop training, ground-breaking software and critical data analysis. Their body and paint programmes create best-in-class repair networks, bringing commercial value and delivering the best possible post-accident experience. The professional training programs provided by ITAS are based in their training academy in Milton Keynes. For this training facilty Hamach was the first choise for ITAS as supplier for dust extraction and mixing room equipment.

“For dust extraction and in the mixing room, Hamach was our first and only choice of supplier. Their customer service is always excellent and the quality of the product is exceptional and complies with the highest technological standards required by the industry. Where safety and standards are concerned there can be no compromise. That is why ITAS is proud to use Hamach equipment.”
- Bryan Young, Chairman ITAS

The Hamach engineers apply a different approach towards the deployability of materials, technologies and applications. They succeed in using these to their full potential, thanks to resourcefulness and knowledge of materials. In short, Hamach is designed with creative ingenuity.


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