Hamach and ABS Autoherstel Boekhorst created a new mixing room facility together

Hamach and ABS Autoherstel Boekhorst have come together to design a new mixing room. A range of Hamach solutions, such as a stainless steel mixing tables, waste processing facilities and spray gun cleaners, have been installed in the mixing room on the Arnhem-Zuid site, with Hamach also providing the dust extraction system.

ABS Autoherstel Boekhorst

ABS Autoherstel is one of the largest body repair chains in the Netherlands, with 80 establishments all over the Netherlands. As such, it is seen as a reliable partner by leasing companies, fleet owners, insurers and private individuals. ABS Autoherstel Boekhorst is a family-owned business that has grown over the years to become one of the most innovative car body repair companies in the Netherlands. It uses a variety of advanced techniques for car body repairs and the servicing cars. ABS Autoherstel Boekhorst has a total of 14 branches.

ABS Autoherstel Boekhorst Pand

Hamach mixing room facility

A range of Hamach products were used to fit out the mixing room. A Hamach stainless steel workbench with a built-in waste container was used to create a workplace, while the room also features a tailor-made waste area specially designed for disposing of paint. This disposal area is a liquid-resistant waste container for excess paint and thinners. Any remaining paint and thinners can be placed in the container upside down, and the container can then be closed to allow the liquids to flow into two tins below. All harmful fumes are removed through the exhaust duct. The HR 2400, HR 2000 and HR 1400 were selected for cleaning the paint guns.

ABS Autoherstel Boekhorst 1

ABS Autoherstel Boekhorst 2

Hamach Central Dust Extraction

In terms of dust extraction, ABS Autoherstel chose to install an HCV 610. The installation has also been expanded with on/off switches and further improvements made tot he pipe network. The HCV 610 offers ABS Autoherstel a powerful, high-quality dust extraction turbine with a pipe network of up to 70 m. The machine can be operated by six people at the same time, which is perfect when multiple workstations are available in a workshop. The dust extraction turbine also features an automatic filter cleaning system.

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If you are interested in a tailor-made mixing room facility, please get in touch with us to discuss all the available options or visit www.hamach.com

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