Double Sided Foam Sanding Pads




These highly flexible double sided sanding pads for hand sanding can be used for wet or dry sanding to sand parts that machines cannot reach. Long-lasting product. 

Benefits of Double Sided Foam Sanding Pads

  • Adaptable to contours, curves and profiles
  • Ensures a high-quality and even finish, also in hard to reach areas
  • Consistent scratch depth and pattern, due to consistent abrasive performance
  • Pressure-equalizing foam reduce the risk of sanding trough
  • The pads can be applied both dry and wet
  • The pads are washable and re-usable for multiple applications

Technical Specifications

  • Size: 120 x 98 mm
  • Box of 10 pads
  • 5 versions

COMING SOON: Color coded pads

Over de coming months we will be changing our Double Sided Foam Sanding Pads to colored versions which will make the grits easier to distinguish. We are aimong to deliver all versions in color coded versions in the coming months. In the meantime you might receive a mix of color coded and current versions. 

Color range

Art. no. Grit Color
37700060 Medium - Grit 60 (120-180) Orange
37700100 Fine - Grit 100 (240-320) Yellow
37700180 Super Fine - Grit 180 (500-600) Green
37700220 Ultra Fine - Grit 220 (800-1000) Blue
37700280 Micro Fine - Grit 280 (1200-1500) Pale Yellow Variant
37700060 60
37700100 100
37700180 180
37700220 220
37700280 280

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