400 ml per can. Used to or on car panels for panel checking during the sanding process. 

The most efficient and effective product to check for any irregularities while sanding panels.

The ’glossy finish’ helps detecting any defects or colour deviations. Spray the panel after the sanding process to check repaired surfaces on irregularities. Can also be used for spray sample checks! Spray on a spray sample to create a glossy finish and check if the colour corresponds. 

Benefits of Easy2Check® 

  • Checks repaired surfaces 
  • Checks for any irregularities while sanding panels 
  • Detects any defects or colour deviations 
  • Creates a temporary gloss on either spray cards for color matching 
  • Reduces costs 
  • Economize on valuable clearcoat consumption 
  • Efficient and fast 
  • Clean and Easy handling 
  • Evaporates completely after 15-20 minutes. (use compressed air to shorten the evaporation time.) 
  • Leaves no residue 
  • Can be used outside the spray cabin / paint preparation room 
  • Can be used in the bodyshop or paintshop 
  • Safe to spray on cured plastic filler 


Technical Features of Easy2Check® 

  • Odorless 
  • +/- 150 Colad spray sample checks 
  • Evaporates completely aftere us without leaving residue +/- 15 minutes
  • Packing unit: per piece, per carton: 12 cans 



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