NEW Colad Orange™ Masking Tape!

Colad introduces Colad Orange™ Masking Tape: a new high temperature and UV resistant orange coloured masking tape with a unique adhesive compound. This masking tape has been developed to create excellent masking work by professionals in all paint processing branches.

Colad Orange™ Masking Tape is an all-round high tack orange coloured masking tape for masking jobs that provides a maximum job flexibility and that offers maximum performance in all types of conditions. This tape is UV and weather resistant up to 8 days! It leaves no residue after removal, has exceptional sharp lines and has a temperature resistance of 100°C for 1 hour. It is suitable for all types of paint systems!

Colad Orange™ Masking Tape is made of a unique combination of saturated semi-crepe paper and a special rubber based adhesive. It is high initial tack and has an excellent adhesion on all surfaces like metal and rubber. Try it yourself! www.orange-masking-tape.com

Need maximum job flexibility with masking? Then order your Colad Orange™ Masking Tape now! Contact your local Colad dealer or sales@emm.com.

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