NEW Colad introduces the Black Nitrile Glove Dispenser Large!

An efficient solution for storing your gloves for grabs! 

Not just any glove is suitable for use in the painting process. When working with paints, protection of the painter is of the utmost importance. Besides providing protection for the user, it’s also vital that gloves protect the paint from contamination. Paint is, together with labor, the most expensive component in a paint processing company. Colad Disposable Nitrile Gloves Black prevent hairs, skin fibers and skin grease from coming into contact with the paint and protect the user against chemical splashes.

  • Thickness 6 mil (0.15 mm)
  • Long sleeve (length 285 mm)
  • Textured finger tips for better grip
  • Especially suitable for working with paints and solvents
  • Natural latex-free, silicone-free and powder-free

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): CAT III according to EU Regulation 89/686/EEC. PPE of complex design protects against risks that cause irreversible damage to health.

This Colad successor is well known in the market. To provide you with a practical solution, we are introducing the Black Nitrile Gloves in a large dispenser box of 400 pieces (art.no. 53640x). With 400 pieces per dispenser, there is no need to keep changing empty boxes. Thanks to the convenient Wall Holder (art.no. 5364D) the dispenser box is always within reach and your gloves are always ready to hand. This complete set contributes to a clean and efficient workplace.

Are you looking for a solution that protects both yourself and your paint? Then order your Colad Disposable Nitrile Gloves Black now!

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