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The Reinforced Industrial Work Bench is made from stainless steel. The work bench is without doors and available in two sizes (120 cm and 180 cm). It has the option of coming with or without an extraction hood.

Reinforced Industrial Work Benches for the toughest jobs!

Are you working with larger paint tins? Then, this work bench is the right fit for you! These reinforced work benches are made from stainless steel and are suitable for paint tins up to 20 L. Sealing the paint tins is also easy on this sturdy work bench. The work bench is available with or without a vapour extraction hood. With two large open shelves, the top one is tilted slightly backwards to keep things in place. The work bench is deliverable in two sizes: 120 cm and 180 cm.

Benefits of the Reinforced Industrial Work Bench

  • Made from brushed stainless steel
  • Reinforced and therefore sutiable for the toughest jobs (suitable for tins up to 20 L)
  • The bench has adjustable feet, so it is always the right height for you
  • It comes with the option of an extraction hood for vapour extraction
  • Polished flat work surfaces
  • The bench is easy to keep clean

Technical specifications of the Reinforced Industrial Work Bench

  • With or without extraction hood
  • Dimensions: 120 x 60 x 91 cm or 180 x 60 x 91 cm
  • Working height: 91 cm
  • Depth: 60 cm
  • Weight: see below
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Extraction: ø 80 mm, spanning the width of the table at a height of 25 cm

Available versions

Art. no. Extraction hood Length Weight
000475 With extraction hood 120 cm 47 kg
000476 With extraction hood 180 cm 72 kg
000477 Without extraction hood 120 cm 35 kg
000480 Without extraction hood 180 cm 55 kg

Do you need a work bench that isn’t reinforced? That’s possible! Check out our other work benches with and without extraction hoods.

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Art.no. Variant
000475 120 cm - with extraction hood
000476 180 cm - with extraction hood
000477 120 cm - without extraction hood
000480 180 cm - without extraction hood

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