As the world changes, so does Colad.

Two entrepreneurs who sold advertising to companies located near colleges and universities founded the Colad Group in 1947. The ads were printed on paper textbook covers, which college bookstores provided free to students. In fact, the name “Colad” is derived from “Collegiate Advertising.”

Today, Colad’s products have evolved to include everything from paper folders and binders to highly creative custom packaging solutions, many of which feature patented designs and introduce the most cutting-edge construction styles available. Colad designs and manufactures custom presentation and promotional packaging for a diverse client base.

We serve the nation’s top colleges and universities, advertising agencies, publishers, Fortune 500 companies, as well as design studios, professional sports teams and resellers.


Our products include Custom Binders, Personalized Packaging, and brilliant Customized Presentation & Promotional Packaging including Totes & Boxes, Folders, Mailers, Software & Media Packaging, Sales Kits, Contents and Collateral, and POP Easels. We are proud to feature Dynamic Digital Packaging™, which merges the power of variable digital printing with the proven effectiveness of dimensional packaging to yield significant return on your marketing investment. Examples include variable text and graphics & image personalization.

With Dynamic Digital Packaging, there is no minimum quantity – we can produce one, or one million.


Contact Colad | Call 1-800-950-1755 today to speak to a Salesperson, or email info@colad.com and tell us the details of your current or upcoming project –  we’ll put together a quote and checklist for your approval!

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