Mission: Possible with Colad’s Dynamic Digital Packaging!

In order to provide you with real life successful packaging applications as ideas moving forward, what better way to communicate the effectiveness of incorporating personalization into high quality, creative packaging than to share this actual customer testimonial!

“Primedia’s Apartment Guide sales unit recently executed a successful internal promotional campaign, enlisting the combined talents of it’s in-house creative team and the Colad Group’s packaging expertise. The ‘Mission: Possible’ campaign targeted the unit’s entire sales staff with personalized attaché cases.

Designed to mimic a metal briefcase, the box package featured a branded exterior, addressed to the receipt by name only – and an interior revealing the secret agent’s personalized dossier, with miscellaneous documents and devices placed at random, characteristic of an agent ‘on-the-go’. Recessed in the box were an AG branded ink pen and matchbook jotter, with a key shaped USB positioned in relief from the interior bottom panel. Sales personnel were instructed (from the printed dossier) to remove the USB and insert into their laptop to view a video (preloaded on the drive) for further ‘mission’ instructions.

The unique ‘personalized’ approach (achieved by printing data variably in two positions on the box), combined with a digitally printed piece was an immediate attention-getter that drew an amazing response from recipients. Additionally, the package incorporated a hidden magnetic enclosure, further accentuating the faux metal appeal of the box and securing the ‘confidential’ contents inside.

The positive reception confirmed (over 90% of the staff followed the mission details as instructed) – print is not dead, but alive and well in creative execution … thanks to the Colad Group!”

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