A Tour of Colad’s Dynamic Digital Packaging®

Does all of our talk about Colad’s Dynamic Digital Packaging® have you eager to learn more?

Check out Colad’s new interactive website!
DynamicDigitalPackaging.com – an interactive guide on all the details and perks of creating Digital Packaging from Colad.

  • Image Personalization

  • Variable Data

  • QR Codes

  • Personalized URL [PURLS]

Or do you know what you need, and want to talk to one of our Account Executives right away?  Click Here!  Colad specializes in both offset and digital printing, and can handle any order size from one to one million- NO MINIMUM QUANTITY!  Custom Folders, Custom Paperboard Binders, Custom Turned-Edge Binders, Custom Presentation Binders or Custom Proposal Binders, Custom Mailers, Custom Boxes, Custom Totes, Custom Tabs- Dividers & Contents, Custom Sales Kits, Custom Media Packaging [Custom USB Packaging], Custom Point of Purchase [POP] Easels

I’m sure we’ve missed something in that list, but Colad can create ANYTHING, so contact us today!