Custom Mailers from Colad Can Brighten Someone’s Day!

This cartoon is spot on!

Receiving mail [no, not e-mail] has the ability to bring excitement and happiness to the recipient- and e-mail just can’t do that.  After you toss out all of the “You’ve been pre-approved for a credit card” envelopes and coupon clipper magazines, you seldom have anything left.

Mailers from Colad can be customized to hold whatever you’d like!  We’ve designed and sent out envelopes and boxes that hold anything from kazoos to coffee mugs.  Or if you just need something with brilliant print quality that will leave even the mailman intrigued, look no further than Colad.  We’ll design it, create it, and send it to your recipients for you!

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Looking for something other than custom mailers?  Custom Binders, Custom Folders, Custom Rigid Packaging, Custom Media Packaging, Custom Sales Kits, Custom Totes, Custom Boxes, Custom POP Displays and Easels?  Anything that you need custom, Colad can create.