Hall of Fame Worthy Packaging

This Turned Edge Box was produced for Bruce Smith’s Jersey Retirement Celebration back in September. It has too many features to even list, but i’ll try!

– Black Mano Stock Cover with Spot UV of Bruce on the lid.
– Brilliance Silver Foil Stamping Stamping on the inside of lid.
– Silver Stock with black foil stamping on bottom of the tray
– Custom Printed Plastic Removable Tray with Ribbon

It might just be easier to show you this packaging design in a video – stay tuned for that!

Bruce Smith Turned Edge Box Bruce Smith Turned Edge Box_ABruce Smith Turned Edge Box_BBruce Smith Turned Edge Box_DBruce Smith Turned Edge Box_EBruce Smith Turned Edge Box_I Bruce Smith Turned Edge Box_GBruce Smith Turned Edge Box_H
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