Extend Your Printed Message to the WWW

Extend your print message to the web with
Colad Digital Design Services!

Website Development and Landing Pages
It’s more effective to take visitors directly to the information they’re looking for, rather than drilling through layers of navigation on a website. Colad works with their clients to take a print message and extend it to the web by creating landing pages with interactive content. Colad will optimize the landing pages for all devices, including tablets and smartphone browsers.

PURL Campaign Development
Colad’s PURL Campaign Development allows you to easily produce individualized printed pieces in no time, and integrate the same data to the web. When someone visits link or scans the QR code, the landing page is personalized for them. Forms are pre-populated and the welcome message and text is set with each visitor’s information.

QR Coding and Links
Colad has the ability to create unique QR codes and include them on print pieces. Customers, visitors, clients and partners can quickly scan the codes using their smartphone applications and instantly arrive to a custom landing page or mobile page that includes additional information and a method to capture that data.