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Can You Spot the Similarities?

I try to devote one afternoon per week to take product photos. I’ve discovered that 12-2pm is the best for natural light. Well during my 2 hour session I began to notice something… can you spot the similarities in all of these packaging designs?

DSC_0084 Lynchburg Hillcats_BFront Flap Spot UV Folders_2 Undertale Collectors Edition Slipcase with Spot UV

Will #SpotUV be trending in 2017?

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Trends for 2017 = Custom Package Design!

Our customers know what they want, and they want it NOW!

A recent blog post by Customer Think outlines some new trends we can watch out for in 2017 when it comes to optimal customer experience – Check out the full article here – but for the sake of this blog post I’m going to focus on #12…

The Packaging (R)Evolution Extends the Customer Experience. Many of us still feel a thrill when an item we ordered arrives at our door, and that feeling is getting a major upgrade in the form of custom package design. As it turns out, packaging is fundamental to the customer experience, significant for both the brand and retailer. It is yet another piece of the differentiator puzzle and supports a company’s unique signature. Can you imagine receiving an Apple product packed in a large box filled with Styrofoam peanuts?

What a fitting example, since Colad receives requests for custom packaging design that mimics iPad & iPhone boxes all the time!

iPad Box Style Packaging_B iPad Style Packaging_A
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