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Colad’s Custom Curriculum Totes & Contents

Lauren’s Kids Custom Educational Tote:  Colad can handle the packaging, collateral printing, assembly, fulfillment, shipping & tracking!

What are all the components of this kit?
– 48 pt tote box, 4/4, scuff free matte lam
– EPS foam block custom USB holders, secured in placed with fugitive glue dots
– Shrinkwrapped documentation of lesson plans
– Shrinkwrapped documentation of stickers, situation card, visual aid cards
– Stitched teacher manual with dvd on inside front cover
– Custom shipping cartons, branded, and sized to hold specific number of kits
– Introduction letter shrinkwrapped to number of books equal to the qty of kits per school
– 2800 different ship to locations

If you’re looking for custom curriculum kits, custom education kits, custom multimedia kits, custom USB packaging- totes and boxescustom sales kits, custom marketing kits, and more– look no further than Colad.  We’ll design your custom packaging, fulfill it, and send it!