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Colad’s Digital Canvas Binders Have Arrived!

Colad’s Digital Canvas Stock Turns Every Custom Binder into a Piece of Art

The Digital Canvas is part of Colad’s Dynamic Digital Packaging® Solutions. We’ve merged digital packaging with the well-established tradition of using canvas stock for wrapping, lining and mounting.  Our Xeikon digital press can print brilliant 4cp images on our Digital Canvas while offering all of the features of digital printing, including:

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Custom Mailers from Colad Can Brighten Someone’s Day!

This cartoon is spot on!

Receiving mail [no, not e-mail] has the ability to bring excitement and happiness to the recipient- and e-mail just can’t do that.  After you toss out all of the “You’ve been pre-approved for a credit card” envelopes and coupon clipper magazines, you seldom have anything left.

Mailers from Colad can be customized to hold whatever you’d like!  We’ve designed and sent out envelopes and boxes that hold anything from kazoos to coffee mugs.  Or if you just need something with brilliant print quality that will leave even the mailman intrigued, look no further than Colad.  We’ll design it, create it, and send it to your recipients for you!

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Looking for something other than custom mailers?  Custom Binders, Custom Folders, Custom Rigid Packaging, Custom Media Packaging, Custom Sales Kits, Custom Totes, Custom Boxes, Custom POP Displays and Easels?  Anything that you need custom, Colad can create.


Gain a Competitive Edge with Custom Proposal Binders from Colad

Colad’s Dynamic Digital Packaging® capabilities offer you high quality, short-run customized proposal binders complete with custom tabs & contents, all with a quick turnaround time!

What’s Dynamic Digital Packaging® from Colad?  Click here to find out all about it!

The personalized proposal binders pictured above feature image and text personalization across several different print versions in both the custom proposal binders and custom proposal tabs.

Colad produced this entire project in one day!

Think of Colad for your next custom proposal binders and personalized RFP packaging!  It is pieces like this that will land you that big opportunity!  Custom proposal binders not what you are looking for? Colad has specialized in custom packaging, custom binders, custom folders, custom rigid packaging, custom casemade (turned-edge) binders, custom paperboard binders, custom vinyl binders, NEW Organic Binderscustom mailers, custom ANYTHING!  Did we mention that there is no minimum quantity requirements, and no project is too large for Colad?

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Head-Turning Custom Binders from Colad

You can pick your graphics, color scheme, capacity and ring size- And you can also customize it to transform into a display easel with one flick of the wrist!

If this product photo doesn’t convince you of Colad’s creativity and printing capabilities- consider these facts:

  • Colad’s experience in producing rigid Turned Edge custom binders is unmatched. There are literally millions of Colad custom Turned Edge binders in use today! Because we utilize both digital and offset presses in our workflow, we can design and manufacture any quantity of custom binder – from one to one million.
  • No minimum quantity; no maximum quantity!
  • Fast and friendly customer service: to ensure customer satisfaction, we ask for feedback after every job, and over 98% of our customers indicate that they would recommend Colad to a colleague!
  • Colad has over 60 years of experience in the printing industry!
  • We are not resellers – we manufacture what we design to ensure 100% quality. We will not send your project out to a job shop!
  • We use the highest quality materials & print with 100% recycled FSC certified chipboard at the core.  Click here to find out all about Colad’s Eco-Certified printing practices.

Custom binders, personalized binders, customized 3 ring binders – you name it, we do it.  Click here to be contacted by an Account Representative TODAY!

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Excite your Fans with Colad’s Custom Season Ticket Packaging!

Custom Season Ticket Packaging is the perfect way to present your extremely devoted fans with their team’s season tickets!

Fans that love their team enough to purchase season tickets deserve to receive them in a keepsake box that they will treat as a collectors piece!

Visit Colad’s website for more information on custom packaging and personalized season ticket packaging.  Or if you’re ready to get moving on preparations for next season’s ticket packaging, click here to be contacted by one of our Account Representatives right away!

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