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Colad: Custom & Standard Folders for Every Need

No Minimum Quantity!

Take any design, graphic, or idea and we'll make it useful and functioning!

For more than six decades, Colad has produced the highest quality folders available.  We have thousands of styles available in our design template library, and most of our folders are Eco-Certified by FSC or SFI.  With our digital packaging capabilities, Colad can digitally print your product to custimize it with variable data, versioning, QR codes [as shown above], and image personalization.

Click here to learn more about Colad’s folders- because we offer much more than just two-pocket styles!

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Colad is a Leader in Custom Rigid Packaging

Colad is one of the nation’s most capable manufacturers of custom rigid packaging.  Our creativity and experience offer you truly outstanding and innovative rigid packaging ideas at competitive prices. Our recent investment in several state-of-the-art Emmeci rigid packaging machines gives us unmatched capabilities and production power.

With more than 60 years of experience and an outstanding reputation for quality and value, Colad is the smart choice for rigid packaging, including:

  • Two-piece setup boxes
  • Slipcases
  • Slash boxes
  • Clamshell uniboxes, and much more!

Colad has the firepower to take on any size job.  We can digitally print one custom rigid package, or one million- and customize with variable data, versioning, QR codes, PURLs, and image personalization.

Click here to watch Colad’s video on the advantages of digital packaging

How do you need to impress your clients?  If you feel the sense of urgency to make this your year, and you’re eager to break away from the pack and celebrate success, let’s have a conversation. Click here to be contacted by a Colad Account Representative.


Colad’s Specialty Totes and Custom Boxes

Colad Creates Products That Foster Brand Recognition

Colad’s specialty custom totes and boxes provide value and a high-end look for presentation and promotional packaging, luxury and retail packaging, and educational, safety and training kits. Corrugated, turned edge and paperboard options are tailored to your needs and configurations and bring incredible durability to your design!

  • Available with open top or flap with handles, or closures that utilize Velcro, magnets, mechanical latches or clasps
  • Eco-certified – many totes and boxes can be designed to be FSC or SFI certified, and most totes and boxes utilize recycled chipboard or corrugated materials

No job is too small or too large for Colad’s digital manufacturing capabilities.  You can customize your product with variable data, versioning or personalization.  Any specialty tote or box can be film laminated to enhance graphics and provided added durability.  Foil stamping, embossing or debossing, spot varnish or spot UV coating are unique finishing touches that are available.

Call 800-950-1755 to discuss any upcoming marketing campaigns or projects with Colad’s creative and knowledgable account executives.  You can also request information, samples, or find your salesperson here.

From 1 to 1 Million, Colad Knows Custom Binders!

Much more than the binders you’re used to…

For more than 60 years, Colad has produced the highest quality custom ring binders available.  Our most popular binders are Turned Edge and Reinforced Paperboard.  Because Colad has designed and manufactured custom presentation and promotional binders for decades, we have thousands of styles available in our design template library.  Moreover, all of Colad’s standard binders are Eco-Certified by FSC or SFI, and many contain nearly 100% recycled paper content.  Colad can digitally print your product to customize it with variable data, versioning, QR codes, PURLs, and image personalization.  Whatever your need we have the solution!

  • Ready to design and customize your own Eco-Certified turned-edge or paperboard binders now? Click here to visit ThePaperWorker, our online store where you can choose from hundreds of pretemplated graphic designs and millions of stock images & vectors to customize your binder, view your design in real-time 3D, and complete your purchase.
  • If you are in need of custom structural designs or large quantities, click here to be contacted by a Colad Account Representative.

Click here for more photos and information on any of Colad’s products

Digital Printing: Cost Effective and Environmentally Conscious

Below is an article found on Blog.

Digitally printed packaging is an emerging application that is in an early adopter phase. First movers can still gain powerful advantages in a worldwide market that is expected to grow from $580 million in 2005 to $6 billion by 2015, according to Pira International.

Digital printing delivers a nice set of competitive, cost and environmental advantages when compared to traditional package printing technologies, and it’s surprisingly well suited to many packaging applications. Digital print production can use the just-in-time, print-on-demand approach; and with shortened setup requirements and automated makeready, short runs are typically less expensive on digital presses. And variable data printing can bring new value through personalization and customization for regional versioning, novelty items and for meeting pharmaceutical and healthcare needs for individual and custom-made packaging.

Environmental advantages
Packaging accounts for as much as one-third of solid waste in U.S. municipal landfills, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, making it a visible target of green activism. Today’s environmentally preferred packaging uses minimal materials, which are recycled or made in environmentally responsible ways, and which are biodegradable and easily recycled or reused so they aren’t dumped in landfills. Digitally printed packaging plays well with green packaging strategies to meet growing demand.

Among its environmentally sustainable qualities are these:

  • On-demand productionOrders can be placed in the precise quantities needed, eliminating or reducing warehousing and associated cost, energy requirements and waste from obsolescence.
  • Electronic job ordering and submission, paperless workflow, and soft proofing These processes reduce paper usage and associated costs while boosting efficiency.
  • Green paper choicesOffer recycled paper or paper with chain-of-custody certification designating it has been produced in a supply chain that promotes responsible forestry practices from harvesting to packaging. Some customers are willing to pay extra for green paper and board.
  • Eliminate varnishVarnish is required for offset printing and adds cost and, in the case of UV varnish, an environmental hazard, small amounts of ozone that need to be ventilated. Offset ink takes 24 hours to dry and harden, so it needs a coat of varnish for mechanical handling and to seal the surface of the inks, preventing bleeding and smear onto the back side of the next sheet in the stack. In contrast, digitally printed pieces have a dry and hard surface immediately, with low risk of scratching and color setoff, making varnish necessary only to achieve visual effects.
  • Non-toxic gluesThese are available for most binding techniques, eliminating the need for ventilation of toxic fumes and waste management issues.
  • Distribute-then-printMinimize environmental impact by distributing electronically to your print center or partner nearest the customer for printing and the fastest, least environmentally disruptive delivery. [A blog from Xerox Corporation, see the complete article here]

Interested in learning more about digital packaging?  Click here See how Colad’s Dynamic Digital PackagingTM can supercharge any package-  featuring customization with variable data, QR codes, versioning, and image personalization.  Supercharge your next marketing campaign!


Colad: Always Expanding Our Product Line

Colad is checking out the 2011 HD Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada to see how we can expand our product lines to meet all needs!

Our one of a kind products can enhance any interior design or home decor concepts.  From custom mailers and promotional brochures, to boxes that house carpet and tile samples, Colad has you covered!

Visit our interiors and furnishings page to get started!