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Company | Eco-Certified  


FSC® and SFI®

We work with materials that are environmentally responsible. Paper – our primary material – is totally natural, recyclable and renewable. Colad can source recycled stocks, FSC® and SFI® stocks, to name a few. For more information, visit and

Colad is proud to be named an EPA Green Power Partner through our commitment to purchase at least 105 MWh of energy from renewable sources (such as wind). Our commitment helps reduce the risks associated with climate change by supporting technologies that are more sustainable for businesses and communities. Colad's purchase commitment will reduce CO2 emissions equal to taking 15 cars off the road or planting approximately 60 acres with trees each year. Learn more about the EPA Green Power program at

Colad: Eco-Certified

Colad is the premier provider of custom paper-based packaging in the U.S. For more than 60 years, Colad has worked to improve the health and safety of both our employees and the environment. Our focus on environmental stewardship is two-pronged:

Colad works very closely with recycling companies to ensure that every material that can be recycled gets recycled. In 2011, Colad recycled over 900 tons of paper-based scrap – the equivalent of:

  • Saving 22,437 trees
  • Reducing total energy consumption enough to power 363 homes per year
  • Removing the greenhouse gas emissions from 466 cars per year
  • Conserving enough water to fill 24 Olympic-sized swim pools
  • Keeping 70 garbage trucks worth of solid waste out of landfills

We have eliminated all acetone and alcohol emissions, and removed hazardous waste material from our operations.

We minimize the use of press solvents and what we use is better for the health of the environment and our employees than what was available in prior years.

We have upgraded to newer, faster, safer equipment and in the process replacing harmful emission-producing machinery.

We have converted from wet-based lamination systems that produce hazardous byproducts to clean, water-based thermal lamination processes

Colad has worked to improve the health and safety of both our employees and the environment. For more information, download our PDF.

Colad Custom Binders and Custom Packing is Eco-Friendly

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