Farewell, Au Revoir, Arrivederci!

Today marks the final day of Diane Durham’s 15 year reign as Production Coordinator of The Colad Group.  She has trained many of our employees, worked with most of our customers, and has made countless friends during her years here.  She will be missed greatly by all!!!

To lighten the mood- let’s take a look at what was happening in the U.S. the year that Diane started here at The Colad Group:

– Bill Clinton was our president
– Titanic won best picture at the Academy Awards
– Elton John topped the musical charts with Candle in the Wind
– The nation’s favorite television show was E.R.
– The price of gas was right around $1.36/gallon
– Dolly the sheep was cloned
– The first cell phone to have a ‘vibrate’ feature was introduced

Best of luck on life’s next chapter, Diane!

Colad Supporting Education

By giving students the supplies they need to learn!

Mixed emotions are natural on the first day of school for kids and parents alike. But nobody should have to feel nervous because they do not have adequate school supplies to get through their year!

That’s where Colad steps in to help!

Colad’s Newest Designer

With new employees comes fresh & innovative ideas!

The Colad design department is excited to have Andrew Babcock, a graduate of the R.I.T. Design Program to their team.

Speak with your Colad account representative today about working with Andrew and the Colad designers on your next creative custom packaging!

Visit Colad.com for ideas on Custom bindersCustom Totes & BoxesCustom Rigid Packaging & More!

From The Colad Custom Packaging Idea Files

Point of Purchase / Hanging Display

Make this existing Colad design your own! This counter top point-of-purchase display can also be used as a hanging product display.

Why design two different custom packages when you can save time and money by using this creative solution?

This custom Colad design can be printed offset, or digitally with no minimum quantity! Want to learn more about this design [#109379]?

Contact your sales rep by clicking here.

Custom Binder Accessories from Colad

Say goodbye to boring binders!

Talk to your Colad sales rep about adding custom closure options to your binder- click here to learn more.

Colad is your source for Custom BindersCustom FoldersCustom TotesCustom Boxes,Custom Mailers– Dimensional Mailers and Flat MailersPoint of Purchase displays, Custom Boxeschipboard & litho-mounted corrugatedTabs & DividersCustom CD Packaging,Custom USB Packaging, or Custom DVD Packaging.

Colad’s Custom Product Packaging

If you’ve created custom packaging with Colad before, you know that our designers start with the product, and design the packaging to fit perfectly around it.  This custom packaging, designed for Livewire TS automobile accessories, was created with a custom die cut section to allow for charging right through the box.  Not only is this box attractive with the matte black finish and spot UV accents, but it increases the overall value of the product by making it ready to use the second it comes off of the shelf.

Take a look at a few of the prototypes that were created before the Colad team arrived on this perfect design:

Take one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6LY0egFc5s&feature=plcp >

Take two: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAuo7xStCIU&feature=plcp >

Click here to start working with the Colad design team on your own custom packaging.