Toshiba’s #NoPrintDay: Your Thoughts?

Over the past few weeks I have been watching the saga that is Toshiba’s National No-Print Day Campaign.  As a custom packaging company, printing and paper is what we do.  As an eco-friendly company, certified by SFI & SFI, as well as an EPA Green Power Partner- sustainable printing is all we know.

One day dedicated to #noprint? The idea seems highly ineffective.  Toshiba should have focused their efforts on sustainable printing 365 days a year!

Photo courtesy of PrintMediaCentr

National No Print Day was supposed to catch on like a wildfire, after all, it was branded as a nation-wide movement.  With little facts or statistics for backup, everyone saw through this National No Print Day for what it was, an attempt at a newsworthy marketing campaign instead of a campaign to better the environment.

This is my opinion on the unsuccessful National No-Print Day, what is yours?

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Digital Turned Edge Boxes from Colad

Complete with custom foam insert & magnet closure.


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Colad’s Print Solutions @ PSDA

A look at Colad’s custom packaging display at Print Solutions Expo on June 5th and 6th.

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Colad makes Custom and Standard Folders for Every Need

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Colad’s Custom Packaging at HD Expo!

If you’re in attendance, look for this piece and several more Custom Colad Designs!

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