Colad Customers & World Series Champions!

Here at Colad, we are very lucky to have several teams – across all sports – that we root for. It’s great to never go through those ‘in between seasons’ blues!

The San Francisco Giants are a great franchise to work with, and they really love their fans!  Colad always looks forward to producing fun promotional items for the Bay Area team because they have very talented graphic designers, and their orange & black team colors look great in print!

Looks like we will be printing “2012 World Series Champions” on the Giants’ Custom Promotional Packaging next year!  Congratulations on the ‘sweep!! 

Want to see more examples of Colad’s Custom Season Ticket Packaging?  Visit our Outside The Box Sports Blog.  Or to see examples of Colad’s Creative Custom Packaging, visit out

Colad Designers / Corrugated Artist!

With Corrugated as their medium, the talented Colad designers are able to get very creative! You might remember the picture of a corrugated wreath I posted last holiday season – Now, I have decorations for fall as well!
Here are the latest corrugated creations:

Our designers have also create 3D PDF models for these pumpkin designs!  Interested in seeing and interacting with one? Send an email request at! Or, request a quote and view more examples of the creative custom packaging that Colad produces!
Happy Halloween!

MORE Custom Packaging Solutions Made Easy

Existing Die # M0667 – Personalize this Custom Promotional Tote Box designed to hold an IPad with your company info!

Die #M0667 was designed with custom die cuts to hold and display an IPad Box.  Interested in making this design work for you?  Speak with your Colad Sales Rep today about customizing this design for your next marketing campaign, or click here to request a quote.

Backpack Marketing by Colad

Colad’s Custom packaging serves as masterful marketing tool with a WOW factor for Appleton Learning!

Appleton worked with Colad to create a custom marketing piece to reflect who they are as a company.  These custom boxes were sent to carefully selected franchisees, educational facilities and prospective partners- complete with a handwritten message from the Appleton’s CEO!

This custom paperboard box with EPS Foam insert had 8 wells designed to hold 8 rubber-band style bracelets that read: Aristotle, Da Vinci, Locke, Monet, Picasso, Plato, Rembrandt, Socrates [which coincides with the company’s eight learning styles].

If you’re ready to create custom promotional packaging that gets real marketing results, contact Colad today – Click here to request a quote!