Promotional Campaigns for 2014!

Start of the New Year with a Promotional Campaign featuring Colad’s Custom Mailers. ¬†Colad will design, manufacture, fulfill and ship your custom mailers to anywhere in the world!

Take a look at some of the Custom Mailers Colad has created in the past:

Custom Mailers by Colad

First Niagara Bank Custom Mailers | Custom Mailers by Colad
SuperHero Promotional Packging | Custom Mailers
Adidas Promotional Packaging | Custom Mailers by COlad
Metlife Smartie Mailer | Custom Mailers by ColadHorizon Fiberoptic Mailer | Custom Mailers by ColadNutella Promotional Packaging | Custom Mailers by Colad

Enough ideas to get your creative ideas flowin’? ¬†Contact your Colad representative to discuss your next custom mailer promotion – and prepare to get noticed in the New Year!

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