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Colad’s 3D PDFs and YouTube Channel : Making Custom Packaging Proofing Easy!

A Colad Partner Success Story! November’s PSDA Newsletter features a spotlight on the collaboration between Colad and our distributor, Clients First.  When turn-time is tight and expectations are high- you can look to Colad’s 3D PDF proofs and YouTube demonstrations to know that your custom packaging will be executed perfectly and to your exact specifications.

Read the article below which features actual snapshots of Colad Custom Packaging:

Want to read this article in PDF form? Or would you like to see some real examples of how Colad uses 3D PDFs in the custom packaging process – both for concept and structure, as well as artwork placement?  Just send your requests to, I’d be happy to send to you!

Thanks for reading!

Multi Component Custom Sales Kits from Colad

Speak with your Colad Sales rep about designing a custom sales kit with all the right components!

Combine custom totes, custom displays and custom binders for a sales kit that helps your brand get noticed!  Add personalization, variable data and versioning to your custom sales kits with our Dynamic Digital Packaging capabilities and watch sales skyrocket!