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Marble Packaging? Colad Can Accomodate!

Well, not real marble. But the stock used on the inside of this Custom Turned Edge Box is close enough! Take a look at this Custom Appreciation Packaging design …


Size: 9” x 9” x 2 ½”
(Box Die: P220328 | Insert: M0978- Platform)
Features White 1.0 EPS foam under platform to hold cards & marble business card holder.
Base: was wrapped in Fibermark Shimmer #821 Powder.
Both base & lid wraps were from Fibermark stock.
Lid was angled with a magnet closure & wrapped in Black Mano. Gold Foil Stamped Logo using Infinity # 852 gold.
Inside platform was printed Digitally with soft touch matte lam.

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Think 10 Minutes Seems Insignificant?


In 10 Minutes:
• A person blinks around 900 times
• Oprah Winfrey will make $6,000
• 3.5 Million Tweets are Tweeted
• Consumers spend around 2.7 million dollars on online shopping
• 20 million Google searches will be made
• The ‘like’ button is clicked 3.13 million times on Facebook


This Custom Mailer featured an 10 Minute Hourglass Sand Timer with the message “10 minutes is all I need to tell you how you could grow your business dramatically – you can even time me”!

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