Now It’s Personal: Colad introduces custom Personalized Packaging

Stock up on Colad’s Dynamic Digital Packaging™ and maximize the impact of your marketing budget. Colad’s digital packaging capabilities extend to virtually all the products we design and manufacture.

Engage your clients through the interactive functionality of QR Codes, Image Personalization, PURLs, and Variable Data.

No minimum order quantity, quick turnaround, variable data and imaging, variable graphic templates, versioning and customization, dynamic and static QR code generation, complete PURL campaign management.

Colad : Dynamic Digital Packaging™

Colad’s Dynamic Digital Packaging is on the rise! Many companies have been taking notice of how personalization of your packaging gets the maximum impact. Digital printing is also ideal for short-run projects where the time and cost of traditional offset printing might be a hurdle. Colad’s digital packaging capabilities extend to virtually all of the products we design and manufacture.  Engage your client through the interactive functionality of QR Codes, variable graphic templates, and PURLs. Personalization tools have been proven to yield 2 to 5 times greater response rates, and dimensional packaging alone yields a 75% greater response rate than 2D pieces:

  • No minimum order quantity
  • Quick turnaround
  • Variable Data
  • Variable Graphic Templates
  • Versioning
  • Customization
  • Dynamic and Static QR Code generation
  • Complete PURL Campaign Management

Interested yet? Click below to check out a video that explains more benefits of Dynamic Digital Packaging™

Colad at The HBA Global Expo 2010

The HBA Global Expo is the largest Product Development Event for the Personal Care, Fragrance, Wellness and Cosmetic Industries. The Colad Group has exhibited at this event for the past 3 years, and has had great success providing innovative packaging solutions for product launches, sampling, and sales kits for many different companies throughout the country.

This year was unlike any other, with Dynamic Digital Packaging creating some serious buzz! Many HBA attendees were blown away by Colad’s ability to provide short run and variable solutions, truly increasing the value of their brand.

For more information on The HBA Global Expo, please visit their website HERE.

Account Executive, Lee Ann Grossman talks packaging

Innovative Design: The Kongsberg XL22

The Kongsberg allows Colad’s innovative design team the ability to execute sample making and short run production at lightning speed, handling anything from thin cartons to some of the most demanding heavy-duty materials.

So the next time you receive one of those beautiful looking, accurately trimmed protoypes from your Colad Account Executive, just keep the design team’s hard work in mind!

Colad's design team cleans the Kongsberg XL22 after the installation of the new cutting mat

Colad Featured in Print Solutions Magazine

The Colad Group’s efforts to evolve within the printing and promotional packaging market have not gone unnoticed. Print Solutions Magazine featured Colad’s new Dynamic Digital Packaging capabilities in their June issue, in an article that discusses advances in digital and offset printing for the packaging market. Todd Anson, president of Colad, speaks about how digital print quality can live up to the legacy that is offset. In the article, he sheds some light on how people are perceiving digital in saying,

Initially, some of the sales team thought it was necessary to have some kind of disclaimer for customers that digital quality isn’t the same as offset. Now, they are starting to realize that’s not the case.

The Colad Group's Xeikon 6000 Digital Press

In related news, Paper Film and Foil Converter Magazine also featured The Colad Group’s new Xeikon 6000 Digital Press, highlighting the fact that Colad is forging new markets by bringing digital capabilities to their current product offerings. Digital printing for packaging continues to grow as end users understand the advantages of fast production times, variable data, no minimum order quantity, and new applications such as QR Codes and pURLs. Aside from being a leading manufacturer in presentation and promotional packaging, The Colad Group is leading the way in offering a unique solution – Dynamic Digital Packaging.

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