Colad’s Custom Packaging at HD Expo!

If you’re in attendance, look for this piece and several more Custom Colad Designs!

Or if you’re not in Las Vegas right now attending the Expo, you can still see some of Colad’s custom packaging designs by visiting our website.  Any industry can benefit from beautifully designed custom packaging- so contact us today to get started on custom binders, custom folders, custom totes, custom boxes, custom point of purchase displays, custom sales kits, custom tabs and dividers, custom mailers, custom media packaging [CD, DVD, USB and Software Packaging] and more!  As always, there’s no minimum quantity on any order!

Where else can you get custom packaging with no minimum quantity?  Contact Colad today!! 

Colad’s USB Packaging Has You Covered!

Add USB & Flash Drive Packaging to Colad’s offerings of no minimum quantity custom products!

With several digital designs to choose from- including three different styles of folders, packaging with custom USB inserts [for unique shapes], and more, Colad is your source for the perfect custom media packaging!

See some more examples of our quality custom USB & Media packaging on our website,

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Colad’s Custom Curriculum Totes & Contents

Lauren’s Kids Custom Educational Tote:  Colad can handle the packaging, collateral printing, assembly, fulfillment, shipping & tracking!

What are all the components of this kit?
– 48 pt tote box, 4/4, scuff free matte lam
– EPS foam block custom USB holders, secured in placed with fugitive glue dots
– Shrinkwrapped documentation of lesson plans
– Shrinkwrapped documentation of stickers, situation card, visual aid cards
– Stitched teacher manual with dvd on inside front cover
– Custom shipping cartons, branded, and sized to hold specific number of kits
– Introduction letter shrinkwrapped to number of books equal to the qty of kits per school
– 2800 different ship to locations

If you’re looking for custom curriculum kits, custom education kits, custom multimedia kits, custom USB packaging- totes and boxescustom sales kits, custom marketing kits, and more– look no further than Colad.  We’ll design your custom packaging, fulfill it, and send it!